Swim Practice

Hosted by Coach Steve Friederang


Watch Nathan Adrian’s elbow (not his legs) or head. But watch that elbow. Even his elbow may be slightly low and he may be moving it backward too much due to still improving specific strength to keep that from happening, but he keeps it in the same plane relative to the top of the water.

Alison Schmidt’s Elbow. Tell yourself to leave the elbow on TOP  of the water, not letting it move backward. Your elbow is the axis of your hand’s backward pendulum.

Watch Very CAREFULLY. He doesn’t bend his knee until he fires his hips on the FORCE phase. This is extremely rare. Video you daily and build specific power to keep that recovering leg straight.


Just the beginning. Our goal is relate the movements needed for success and the progressive SPECIFIC, SPECIFIC, SPECIFIC movements in water and on land that best improve those movements As well as the line and balance needed to reduce drag and manage the energy needed to win. We also want to take some of the anecdote and winning in spite of poor form and build a site that helps you find the very best use of every hundredth of a second you race.

We looked for complete practices on Google and found NONE! So this is an invitation to show your favorite entire practice, personality and all. I wish we had some from Doc Counsilman, Richard Quick and so many other great coaches who are no longer with us. So let’s start today!

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